The PKF has a new Directing Committee

(Wednesday, June 26, 2013 :: 12:00 AM)

A new PKF directing committee was elected on May 15, 2013.

On 16, 17 May 18 the XXVII Panamerican Karate Senior Championships Buenos Aires 2013 Argentina was organized by the Karate Federation of Argentina under auspices of the Panamerican Karate Federation with the participation of more than 300 athletes representing 23 countries.We acknowledged presence of the Presidentof the WKF, Mr. Antonio Espinós, while Mr. Antonio Moreno the President of the Spanish Karate Federation also attended.The Medal was distributed among 14 countries which prove a quite balanced karate level throughout the Continent.

Through this championship all the individual Medalists in eachcategory except the Open category qualified to participate October next in the WorldCombat Games. During an extra ordinary Congress prior to the official Congress of the PKF the reform of the statutes was dealt with to synchronize the statutes in accordance with that of the WKF. Also elections were held for a new PKF Directing Committee which was unanimously elected as detailed below:President: Dr. JoseGarcia Maañón - (ARG)                                                                                                               First Vice president: John Di Pasquale (USA),                                                                                                              2nd Vice president Jose Luis Ramirez (DOM),                                                                                                                3rd Vice president: Julio Escudero (ECU)                                                                                                                     4th Vice president: Emerson Velasquez (NIC)                                                                                                      Secretary General: Arturo Castillo (VEN)                                                                                                         Treasurer: Tony Mendez (PUR)                                                                                                                            Assistant to the Secretary General: Sergio Menendez (URU)

Assistant to the Treasurer: Juan Manuel Fernández (Paraguay)During the first meeting of the new Directing Committee - in accordance with Article 18 of the new Statutes - and in recognition of all his work on behalf of the PKF during his 20 years tenure as President, it was unanimously decided to appoint Mr. William Millerson as Honorary President for Life of the PKF. Mr. Millerson in turn will continue to work actively in strengthening of an institutional approach of the PKF and to reach out to the countries of Central America and the Caribbean to get them to participate more active in the regional and continental events.

Javier Mantilla was also reconfirmed as Chairman of the Referee Council which now will be comprised of the following persons: Celso Rodrigues(BRA) as Secretary and as members: Cleveland Baxter (USA), Hector Arena (ARG), Guido Abdala (GUA) and Zvonko Celebija (CAN).Tokey Hill (USA) was appointed as Chairman of the Technical Committee,while the other members are James Johnson (CAN), Juan Carlos Landaburu (ARG) for kumite and Ruben Canedo (MEX)for kata.The Medical Commission will continue to be chaired by Dr. Benjamin Abarca,(CHI) assisted by Drs. Juan Ramón Silva and Manuel .

The Legal and Disciplinary Commission will be chaired by Dr. Juan Manuel Fernández.

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